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Lymphatic Massage

What Is The Lymphatic System?

The Lymphatic System is the foundation of our immune system. Not only is Lymphatic Drainage a key to disease prevention and rejuvenation, but also the means to reverse and contribute to the natural healing process of the human system.

The Lymphatic System is composed of numerous vessels throughout the body which carry waste products and excess water or lymph fluids. All lymph fluid passes through the lymph nodes, which are located throughout the body and serve as a filter station for foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

The lymphatic system removes impurities from the body and also produces cells of the immune system (lymphocytes) which are vital in fighting bacteria and viruses. Networks of the Lymphatic system are found in the neck, the armpits, the groin, the pelvic area, along the windpipe, behind the abdominal cavity, and near the lungs and intestines.

When the body becomes congested, the clear lymph fluid becomes cloudy and thick, changing from a condition like water to milk to yogurt then to cottage cheese. Thickened, stagnant lymph overloaded with toxic waste is the ideal for condition for the onset of numerous illness.

Are You Toxic?

Symptoms of Chemical Toxicity:

* Allergies
* Cardiovascular Irregularities
* Constipation/Diarrhea
* Depression/Emotional Disorders
* Chronic Sinusitis
* Fatigue
* Flu-like Symptoms/Viral Infections
* Food Intolerance/Food Cravings
* Gastrointestinal Irregularities
* Headaches
* Hormonal Imbalances/PMS
* Mood Swings/Panic Attacks/Anxiety
* Mental Confusion
* Muscle Spasm/Swelling/Inflammation
* Insomnia

Serious Consequences of Toxicity:

* Cancers
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (EBV)
* Fibromyalgia
* Lupus
* Prostatitis
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Crohn's Disease

What Is The Treatment?

We begin by balancing the body and opening up the energy pathways such as the nervous, muscular, respiratory, skeletal, digestive and the lymphatic systems. Then, we rejuvenate and rebuild the organs including the:

* Liver
* Gall Bladder
* Kidneys
* Adrenals
* Colon

Lymphatic therapy is a whole body approach. There are four times the amount of lymph fluids as there is blood in the body. Lymph fluid is constantly moving around in the body. It is through lymphatic drainage of the cells, tissues and organs that cleansing largely occurs. So the quality of health depends on the quality of your lymph fluid.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) increases the circulation by moving lymphatic fluids. This is accomplished by using pumping and draining techniques and squeezing the tissues, muscles and joints. Lymphatic drainage begins by clearing the congestion from the stomach area first. Massaging the abdomen will help to decongest the lymph nodes. This allows drainage of the toxins into the stomach lining and large intestine where it can be eliminated through digestion and elimination. This begins the detoxifying process for the spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, liver, kidneys and bladder.

Once there is a clear pathway in the abdomen. then you are ready to work on the rest of the body's lymph fluid and detoxification of the lungs and heart.

This unique form of massage concentrates on balancing the body's internal chemistry, purifying and regenerating tissues, detoxifying and stabilizing the internal organ functions. Benefits are cumulative and will often require regular weekly sessions. The lympatic system is closely linked to the emotional body and as the lymph congestion clears so do the stagnant emotions clear as well.




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