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OnSite Massage
Geriatric Massage
Orthopedic Massage
Healing Stones Massage
Swedish Massage
Lymphatic Massage

Did You Know?

"More than one-quarter (28 percent) of consumers received a massage from a massage therapist in the past five years, up from just 17 percent in 1997

Recommended Products

These products have been tested and are greatly beneficial for the body.
They are used exclusively at Touch the Sky
and are available for purchase:

1. Transdermal Magnesium - See info below:

2.  Miracle II Soap, Neutralizer, Lotion and Gel

3.  DoTerra Essential Oils

4. Zeal Wellness Products

5. Guayaki Yerba Mate








Even drugs can create magnesium deficiencies:

  • Common diuretics (for high blood pressure)
  • Bronchodilators, such as theophylline (for asthma)
  • Birth control pills
  • Insulin
  • Digitalis (for some heart conditions)
  • Tetracycline
  • Corticosteroids (for asthma)
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine
  • Drugs containing fluoride

     How illogical is that taking a drug that for a problem that is made worse by taking that drug! Hundreds of drugs have fluoride as part of their chemistry. Cipro is a drug that can cause tendon damage and magnesium can help heal that damage.  However, the basis of the damage in the first place is probably because Cipro is a fluoridated drug and causes magnesium depletion that puts your tendons at risk.


    Here at Touch the Sky Massage,

    you can request magnesium oil

    as a massage medium!


    The most popular usage of magnesium oil?

    PAIN RELIEF by direct application to the skin.

    Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum has called Magnesium, “probably the single most important nutrient for pain relief.” This has everything to do with the primary pain gates in the skin.

    Applying magnesium oil to the skin is also the quickest way to increase total body levels. Why is the topical application better than taking oral magnesium supplements? Not only is liquid magnesium chloride easily absorbed through the skin, but being ionic, it is ready for immediate use by the body. Oral magnesium has to be digested and processed by the body to convert it into an ionic form. Using this application allows one to also relieve painful joints and muscles while increasing total body magnesium levels. For optimum results, it may be best to us both methods.





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    Yerba Mate Tea - has over 196 active compounds including A,C, E and B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and selenium; and 11 polyphenols -powerful antioxidants.

    This herb is used as a tonic, diurectic, to reduce fatigue, suppress appetite, aid to digestion, reduce nerve pain, depression and obesity.

    Research shows that this nutritious beverage invigorates the body and activates the mind in a healthy, non-addicting manner.

    Delicious hot or cold, steep in a cup or brew in a coffee pot. Add honey or stevia for sweetness; stay away from white sugar or chemical sugar substitutes for optimal health.

    I buy ORGANIC YERBA MATE from Guayaki in Paraguay and sell it here in the office. Forest grown mate is environmentally sustainable in the long term and provides for more income per acre than cattle or agricultural products such as corn, soy or wheat. It will take some time, but if we as consumers vote with our money, we funnel the dollars where they need to go: to the people who are stewarding their forests. This company is presently sustaining 45 families and has long range plans to increase that number.



    Help to End Poverty Invest in Microcredit or Microfinance

    Without donating a penny, you can help end poverty in a very real way. Investing in microcredit is not a donation or charity. Like other investments, the money is always yours. You even earn a small amount of interest. Yet for every $1,000 you invest, you can end poverty for several entire families in the developing world every year. That is why the United Nations declared 2005 to be the International Year of Microcredit and why the founders of the microcredit movement were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Major media articles have sung the praises of microcredit, also known as microfinance and microlending: